Rather than just replicating the stages of developed nations, whose roots of modernisation are founded within a different context, we need to acquire a better understanding of what works in West African contexts, based on traditional societal structures, cultural practises and assumptions. To improve the overall impact of health policy and human capital interventions, an intellectual understanding of appropriate clinical frameworks is required. To be truly effective, interventions need to be context-appropriate and culturally sensitive. 

Joining the Kopfadeyemi Fellowship is unlike any other thing you've known. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud. Because whatever your contribution to the community, you’ll be part of something big.

The Kopfadeyemi Fellowship is a community of global health enthusiasts, clinical professionals, technologists, diaspreneurs, creatives, policy makers and impact investors solving problems in Public Health across Africa.

This is achieved by (1) supporting policy development via fellowship programmes, and (2) by supporting people to develop innovative technology solutions via hackathon events [The African Healthcare Challenge].

The African Healthcare Challenge

After a kick-off event on Friday evening, teams have till Sunday afternoon to work on the problem/challenge that a real-life African healthcare business had shared. The team that presented the best solution on the Sunday afternoon, as determined by our expert judges, won the weekend competition and challenge prize.

2016 was the first ever African healthcare (Challenge) ‘Hackathon’ at Google Campus London, launched with support from the World Economic Forum Global Shapers [London].

Our goal is a robust portfolio of growth technologies that will lead the development of African Health systems over the next 30 years. By 2035, we hope to have helped over 150 individuals build companies with a total valuation of over £10m.

The Kopfadeyemi Fellowship - King’s Sierra Leone Chapter, in partnership with WAA (expected Q3 2017)

As The Ministry of Health and Sanitation for Sierra Leone moves to a post-Ebola climate, it recognises the benefit of drawing upon highly-talented young Diaspora and Sierra Leoneans as a sustainable vehicle for the problem-solving of its healthcare challenges. 

Principally working with and through The Ministry of Health and Sanitation, The Kopfadeyemi Fellowship has been welcomed to help shed light on how healthcare policies can be truly effective, under an approach that is grounded in the realities of Sierra Leone. 

It is essential to the healthy functioning of West African healthcare systems that there is a generous supply of leaders who have an understanding – gained first hand – of the challenges that their Ministry of Health faces.

Africa produces a great number of skilled professionals, but too few of these talented intellectuals provide their societies with leadership and guidance in health policy. Surely the raw material is there. 

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It’s exciting stuff. And you can be part of it.

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